Customer Relation Management

Because it’s very important to connect with your customers, be aware of all their problems and work to solve them.

It is a software system, helping you interact with, analyze and improve customer needs, seeking solutions, and suggesting the services and products provided by your company, by collecting all available customer information, through social media, messages and voice calls, and helping you organize all information, in a special record for each customer. Additionally, CRM also stores customers details, leading to the application of customer- tailored marketing policies with ease.

CRM provides the assistance required every customers need, either before purchasing the product or service, during using the service that your company offers, or even after-sales. Thus, this is regarded as a competitive factor enhancing your brand.

Advantages of CRM by Ebitkar:

  • Provide all products or services provided by your company
  • Finding out the interested customer and potential customers, resulting in increased sales
  • Understanding your customers' needs and working on meeting them
  • Finding out the customer style that helps you apply policies that match them
  • Strengthening the relationship between you and the client, leading to trust and mutual success
  • Customers' retention, accessibility to them, not losing 80% of your customers
  • Facilitating the work on salesmen to enable them easy access to all the information through the CRM data
  • The ability to determine the employees' powers, ensuring the data protection of your customers
  • Easy access to all reports and statistics

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1- CRM Marketing and Sales:

This type includes integrating data about the customer, displaying it as easily accessible evidence, every interaction between your company and your current and potential customers, displayed on the system, thus helping you provide a complete database of customer inquiries and needs, and working to meet them, by implementing successful marketing campaigns.

2- CRM Warehouses and Projects:

CRM system, for warehouses and projects by Ebitkar, allows you managing your services and products system, organizing invoices, and empowers you managing your own projects with ease, by adding all the details, distributing tasks to each department, and easily following up your work.

3- CRM Technical Support:

This system provides all detailed reports of all the problems facing customers, and their suggestions for solutions, in order to develop the product or service, thus ensuring easy access to these solutions, implementing customer suggestions, developing the service and increasing sales.

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