Call Center System

Call Center service works on serving and achieving all marketing objectives, easing communication with customers, and providing the best service to them during and after sales. Moreover, it works on the customers’ needs through call center services, creating a call center for your organization to receive customer calls and easing the conversion thereof to the competent departments, and integrating their registered data on the CRM system.

It is also a system that connects customers and companies through voice calls, it contains sales, inquiries about receipt dates, complaints and suggestions, including the ability to record all your customer data, and make a link between you and your customers.

The Call Center system helps you reach and resolve problems of both your current and potential customers, because you communicate directly with the customer, and you can avoid all the challenges and problems that hinder business growth.

The advantages of PBX services by Ebitkar :

  • The best service of call centre in terms of efficiency compared to prices, we offer you the best prices for the service
  • Train your employees on how to work with PBX call center
  • Easy to extract caller data, learn more it and view it for the employee
  • Distribute calls according to waiting priority
  • Reports including how calls are distributed, voice recordings at the highest level, reports of unanswered calls, and reasons for not responding
  • Call recording, and easily referring thereto in the evaluation phase
  • Recorded messages, while customer's waiting for response
  • The ability to follow customer service personnel while making calls
  • The app can run on Android and IOS systems
  • A system that is updated periodically and free of charge

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